Shiloh Baptist Church

Shiloh Baptist Church

The Shiloh Baptist Church is thankful to God for 154 years of building, praising and loving the Lord together for His goodness to us all.  Prior to Shiloh Baptist Church being organized, churchgoers were attending Chickahominy Baptist Church, which is the mother church to Shiloh, and Shiloh being the mother church to Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church.

We cannot account for a lot of things that happened during the first few years, but we do know it was in 1866 that a few devoted and dedicated Christian believers of God started what is now Shiloh Baptist Church.  It all started in a little one-room log cabin with a wood stove in a sand box with candles, lamps and lanterns for light.  

We remember Rev. Zachary Taylor Whiting from Gloucester, Virginia as the pastor for over forty years.  The Rev. C. D. Ellis came to us as Pastor in 1922.  During his years with us, the entire church was renovated. The top was raised, a bell was brought and a steeple was built for the bell, two windows were put in the front of the building and a glass vent was put in over the front door.  After Rev. Ellis left, Rev. Richard Dias, a foreigner from Portugal, was called to be our leader.  He helped us to put in a wood and coal furnace, and lights operated by a motorized generator.  Our membership grew during those years and we continued to worship God and to improve our building.  Later Rev. Dias was called to a church in New Jersey.  

Rev. Terrer from Richmond, Virginia was then called to be our Pastor for a short period.  After his tenure, the Rev. Ackens from Richmond, Virginia served as our Pastor.  For a short period in 1929, Rev. Daily was sent to us from Richmond, VA. Rev. T. H. Jones was then sent to us from Virginia Union University.  During his stay, we raised our first $1,000 at our June Rally.  In order to raise money for church expenses, Dea. Eugene Lightfoot suggested that the Church have a Homecoming Celebration.  It was recommended that all active members pay 25¢ the day of the service. The first Homecoming was observed on December 26, 1935; that was 82 years ago.  

After Rev. Jones’ long illness and later his death, God sent us Rev. M. R. Banks of New Kent County, Virginia.  During Rev. Banks’ years with us, we added a Choir Room, a Deacon’s Room and a Pastor’s Study.  During his tenure, the outside of the church was bricked.  When Rev. Banks became disabled, after 26 years of service, the Rev. William E. Byrd served as Supply Pastor in 1974 for about two years.In May 1976, God sent us Rev. J. M. Nicholson of Newport News, Virginia.  Before Rev. Nicholson arrived, church services were held on the second and forth Sundays only. Under his leadership, the first and third Sunday Services were added. The fifth Sunday was reserved for the Literary Sunday School Union. During his period with us, the church was air-conditioned.  Rev. Nicholson also introduced Shiloh to the National Baptist Convention, the Hampton Institute (now Hampton University) Convention and Church Study Courses in Newport News, Virginia.  After Rev. Nicholson’s services ceased in 1979, Shiloh was served by many heart-warming and loving Evangelists.

In March 1981, the Lord sent us, Rev. Wilbert E. Warren, who served us through the guidance of the Lord for 31 faithful years; retiring on June 30, 2012.  The membership increased and the church gained spiritually.  Through his leadership, a Bible Study Class was established and a Baptism Pool was installed in the Church.  Under Rev. Warrens’ guidance, a new Fellowship Hall was added to the Church.  The Sanctuary was renovated beginning in December of 1996 and completed in late 1997.  Under his leadership, there were two Assistant Pastors, the Rev. Orride Thomas Broaddus and the Rev. Carroll C. Carter.  Rev. Carter started a Remedial/Tutorial Class, which was held on Tuesday evenings at 5:30 P.M. Rev. Carter resigned as Assistant Pastor in early 1997.   With the assistance of the former,  First Lady Adline Warren, the Sunbeam Choir was organized in the fall of 1982 with youth ranging in ages from 6-12 years old. The Sunbeams currently are part of the Junior Choir.  Youth Services were held on the third Sunday where the youth of the church take part in the Worship Service Devotion.  Our Youth Fellowship Service was started on the 1st Sunday of each month by our Assistant Pastor, Rev. Orride Thomas Broaddus.  Rev. Broaddus left Shiloh and became Pastor-Elect at Mt. Olive Baptist Church.  On September 20, 1998, he was installed as Pastor of Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Barhamsville, Virginia.

A Children’s Sermonette, delivered by Rev. Warren, was then organized until he recommended that the Deacons take charge of the Youth Services.   The Deacons  began  this  task on  the  first  Sunday, September 6, 1998 and this has continued on every 1st Sunday of each month. For the past several years, Deacon Russell Walker has performed this task.  Shortly after this, Shiloh’s first Church Library was organized and our first Christian Flag was donated by our former, First Lady Adline Warren. 

On Sunday, May 28, 2000, our Pastor, Rev. Warren, conducted a call meeting to discuss construction of overhead entranceways; this project was completed a few months later.As we continued to grow, on March 23, 2011, we were blessed with another Associate Minister, Rev. Matthew K. L. Smith, who came to us from Liberty Baptist Church, Charles City, Virginia.  Rev. Smith was mentored by Rev. Warren and he began conducting the Morning Worship Services on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.  He was afforded the opportunity to conduct a Youth Revival Service and he fulfilled other outside Church engagements in Rev. Warren’s absence.  Rev. Smith was always ready and willing to assist our former Pastor and his Shiloh Church family anytime he was asked.  On July 29, 2012, Rev. Smith was installed as the Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church.  During his tenure, he made the suggestion to start a “Building Fund Pledge” for Shiloh Members and as a result of the pledges; we were able pay the Church off.  A “Mortgage Burning” program was held on May 31, 2015.  Pastor Smith left Shiloh on July 1, 2015.

After Rev. Smith’s departure, many heart warming and loving Evangelists conducted our Morning Worship Services. While we were going through this transition period, the Shiloh Deacons were overseeing the church operation.  In mid August 2015, Deacon Russell Walker was appointed as the Charge Deacon; he was teaching Bible Study Classes and he took on many of the responsibilities of the Pastor along with the help of the Shiloh Deacons.

In October 2015, a “Pastor’s Pulpit Committee” was formed to search for a Pastor.  On July 17, 2016, there was a “call meeting” to vote for the new Pastor. The Shiloh members voted on Rev. Dr. Myron Sutherlin, Associate Minister at New Beech Grove Baptist Church, Newport News, Virginia.  His tenure as Pastor-Elect began on August 14, 2016 and during this time; he initiated two workshops–Music and Praise Dance.  His wife, Gillian Sutherlin, started a Women’s Ministry.  Pastor Sutherlin was installed as Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church on June 4, 2017.  His Our First Lady, Gillian, was installed as Deaconess on September 24, 2017.  Shiloh’s first Praise Team was organized and they began singing on October 17, 2017 on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays.

We hereby in 2020, bow in humble submission to God, who gave our forefathers the strength, faith and energy to travel up the King’s Highway, to keep His church alive. Through faith and prayer, we believe we will continue to grow spiritually and maturely in the future. 

We further Honor all of the older builders of our church:  Bro. Amos Moore, Bro. Washington Piggott, Bro. James Gransby, Dea. Anthony Jones, Dea. Eugene Lightfoot, Dea. Ernest Tabb and several others. 

In great humility, we close with these words:  “Bless this House O Lord, We pray.   Make it safe by night and day. Lord, give us the faith to endure as you did for our forefathers”.

Definition of  Shiloh:A city north of Jerusalem; one of the earliest and most sacred of the Jews’ sanctuaries. The ark was kept there from the last days of Joshua to the time of Samuel.  Joshua 18:1, Judges 21:19, I Samuel 4:3         


Revised: April 2020